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The Sciences, Engineering and Health Doctoral School pursues a complete series of initiatives to assist PhD students along their academic path. It seeks to heavily involve PhD students in the life and running of the school.

In this section, you will find complete information on the school's organized events and the "Doctoral School Council", as well as the academic calendar/schedule. We recommend that you regularly consult this section to remain informed regarding important upcoming dates and doctoral school events.

ED SIS governance

Life at ED SIS is first and foremost lent rhythm by the actions of its various governing bodies:
  • The "ED SIS committee" gathers together each month the doctoral school directors, as well as the secretarial offices and scientific representatives of the 3 institutions: UJM, ENSM.SE and ENISE.
  • The "PhD elected representatives committee" gathers together 5 times a year the doctoral school directors and the elected ED SIS council members.
  • The "ED SIS council" meets 3 times a year.
  • The "thesis monitoring committees", organized according to the major Domaines Scientifiques (scientific domains) within each laboratory, meet with the PhD students between the end of their 1st year and the end of their 2nd year.

Doctoral training modules

ED SIS and the Doctoral College's CDSE ("Saint-Étienne Doctoral Committee") set up training modules for PhD students to choose from :
  • Field-specific scientific training courses (some 30 modules) to complement the PhD students' scientific training.
  • Cross-disciplinary training courses (some 40 modules: communication, languages, job seeking, company life and organization, etc.) to assist PhD students in preparing their professional project.

Financial aid programmes

ED SIS and the Doctoral College make available various financial aid programmes:
  • For welcoming foreign thesis defence committee members (ED SIS).
  • For creating unique, so-called "High Level Training Courses" to benefit PhD students (ED SIS).
  • For PhD students' "in-coming" mobilities and "out-going"(international) mobilities (Doctoral College).

Annual PhD student days

  • A "Back-to-School Day" is organized each year by the CDSE ("Saint-Étienne Doctoral Committee") to benefit all Saint-Étienne PhD students.
  • A "Research Day" is organized each year by ED SIS around a theme of interest for the PhD students' future, with a poster exhibition and competition.