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HTP - How to apply?

Gaining admission to the doctoral programme requires rigorous preparation prior to submitting one's application. For most would-be PhD students, this preparation begins during the last year of the Master's, which is when one must begin the various necessary application procedures in order to properly prepare one's application dossier. The doctoral school will base its admission decision on this dossier. Below, you will find complete information on the different obligatory steps.

The different steps

Admission requirements for the PhD programme

  • A Master 2 or equivalent degree
  • Proof of an initial research experience
  • A specific thesis subject
  • A thesis director
  • Funding

To begin preparing your application dossier, you must first contact laboratories partnered with the doctoral school so as to find a thesis director who agrees to monitor and assist you throughout your doctoral studies. Your director will also help you define your thesis subject. In most cases, thesis subjects are proposed by the laboratories. In certain cases, the subject may be proposed by a partner organization or manufacturer; it may even be proposed by the PhD student. In any case, the PhD student must be financed during the entire duration of his/her thesis.

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Funding must be ensured for a period of 3 years. It is possible to apply for various forms of financing. In general, the laboratory offers funding linked to the thesis subject. Each year, the doctoral school launches a competitive recruitment for specific subjects financed by the institutions' own resources. This recruitment provides around 10% of all SIS PhD students for a given year. In other words, 90% of funding is provided by laboratories within the framework of requests for proposals (by the Region, ANR, Europe, research bodies, etc.) or within the context of the laboratories' industrial partnerships.

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Once you have determined your thesis subject, located your thesis director and validated your funding, you may submit your application dossier to the doctoral school. The doctoral school then examines the admissibility of your application according to both academic criteria (your motivation, the excellence of your academic path, your geographic and/or thematic mobility, etc.) and administrative criteria (required degrees, your training's suitability to the research project, etc.), notably based upon the ministerial Order of 7 August 2006.The dossier must be sent to the doctoral school office and contain the following items:


If the applicant is admitted to ED SIS, he/she may then complete the administrative registration procedure at an institution of higher education and research partnered with the doctoral school. The "institution of registration" is the thesis director's institution. Each year, the PhD student will also reregister at and pay his/her annual registration fees to this institution. The initial payment of these fees marks the official start of the student's doctoral studies.

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