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An internationally oriented PhD programme

The advantages of an international experience Doctoral studies are particularly suited to an international experience. Indeed:

•    The PhD is recognized as the highest university degree by all countries around the world.
•    Scientific research is international. Skills, knowledge, equipment or facilities required for your research may be situated abroad.
•    Studying abroad forces you to encounter a different culture and different perspectives and to learn different methodologies, all of which can only enrich your research training.
•    An international mobility allows PhD students to create their own international network and to build relations with other research teams, thereby creating opportunities for future collaborations or partnerships.

Mobility options

PhD students can choose from a variety of international mobility options:

•    The joint, international supervision of a thesis, governed by an agreement between two institutions (one French and one foreign), allowing the student to obtain a double doctorate. Extended periods must be spent at each university.
•    Cooperating with a foreign research team allows the student to pursue a doctorate in collaboration with a foreign research team, without however going so far as to obtain a double/joint degree. Research stays at the foreign university lend concrete form to this cooperation.
•    The "European Doctorate" label lends European recognition to theses meeting certain specific criteria.
•    While preparing their thesis, all SIS PhD students must participate in at least one international colloquium or conference, and submit at least one article in an international scientific review (with a reading committee).

Mobility funding

Mobility imposes additional expenses (travel expenses, stay expenses, perhaps a visa, insurance, etc.) and therefore requires specific funding.
Longer stays necessitate searching very early (6 months to 1 year prior to the mobility) for funding among the many existing financial aid programmes. Do not hesitate to apply for multiple programmes.

> "Out-going mobilities": consult the list of mobility assistance programmes
> "In-coming mobilities": funding for foreign PhD students