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Research teams

The science policy of ED SIS is established in accordance with the science policies of UJM, ENSM.SE and ENISE. This policy comprises three so-called "unifying sets of themes", associated with support for more targeted sets of scientific themes.

PhD students are welcomed and trained by some thirty accredited research teams, most of which are associated with CNRS or INSERM, usually spread out among several university sites, including that of Lyon.

Laboratories partnered with ED SIS are grouped into major Domaines Scientifiques (scientific domains or DS), in accordance with the list established by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research:

  • DS1: Mathematics and its interactions
  • DS3: Earth sciences
  • DS4: Chemistry
  • DS5: Biology, medicine and health
  • DS8: Engineering sciences
  • DS9: Information and communication technologies and sciences
  • DS10: Agricultural and ecological sciences